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Learn what the top sales reps in Saas are doing to WIN more deals with bigger contracts

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 How to know exactly what to focus on that will keep the prospect engaged the whole time.

 How to NOT sound like a pre-recorded demo your marketing team could be using instead 

 The proven method to keep the prospect nodding their head and ready to buy even before you share your screen.

 Best methods to remove assumptions, surprises, and running a demo prospects genuinely enjoy 

 The framework used by the top 10% to show any feature on any product that gets the prospect saying yes.

 The ONLY way to truly "handle objections" that actually works without arguing with the prospect

 And much much more... with a few BONUSES to sweeten the deal 

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Saas Pricing & Discounting

 How to set yourself for an smooth close without ever sharing your screen. 

 Why you MUST do competition research and always come out on top. 

 The pricing options you MUST know in order to prevent discounts. 

 The most uncomfortable way to present pricing that actually make the prospect LOVE you and your company

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Demo Scoring Playbook

 How to track whats working vs what's not, so you can always be focusing on what closes deals. 

 How to turn qualitative into quantitative with proven metrics, without being buried in reports. 

 Specific tools that help make scoring simple, both paid ones and one you didn't know you had. 

 The method to never get ghosted again and confirm next steps every time. 

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Three C's of Delivery

 How to demo any feature so it ALWAYS connects directly to your prospects pain point 

 The method used by some of the top sales reps to always be closing, without actually "closing"

 What questions to ask during the demo that get your prospect ready to buy long before they see the price tag 

 The process that gets your prospect to be an expert in your product long before they even sign the contract 

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Yes! I give it to me for $97!

 Welcome to learning how to perfect your Saas Sales Demo 

 You as the rep: What you have control of and how to take responsibility. 

 How to properly prepare for a demo so you can close early and often.

 Value Delivery: Additional Discovery, your demo layout, the structure

 Delivery Framework: Three C's of Delivery: Connect, Confirm, Close

 Closing: But NOT how you think... How to close throughout the demo.  

BONUS! Saas Pricing Basics: How to close and present pricing without any discounts $349 Value!

You might be wondering, why Duane?

GREAT question

Have I sold before? Yes, a lot actually.

  • I'm NOT saying you need to listen to every word in this course
  • I'm NOT telling you I'm some kind of sales genius.

I've also lost more deals than I've won. 

PSA- everyone has lost, you miss 70% in the major leagues, but still land in the hall of fame


What's the point?

I've already been through the pain and uncertainty of figuring out what works for me and the teams I've coached over the years.

  • Will it work for you? I'm, confident it will.

  • Thats 100% up to you and how you choose to act on the information in this article.

  • If all you do is try to memorize everything in here, you're going to have a hard time.

"This is meant to show you what's possible and show you how to think like a sales professional, so you can find your version of success."


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Saas Demo Scorecard PDF

The framework I've used to turn sales teams into quota crushing machines.

Use the Demo Scorecard PDF to start measuring:

  • Your demo's effectiveness 
  • Quality of prep work,
  • Connecting feature to pain points
  • Type of soft closes used
  • How well you're setting up next steps
  • And Much more...  
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Vaughn Dietz

Sales Manager

"He used metrics-based coaching to identify specific targets for each rep and helped us understand the activity necessary to hit these targetsTo anyone that hasn't worked with Duane, get connected! To those that are currently working with Duane, I am jealous."

Anne Bono

Vp of Marketing

"Duane is unlike any other Sales leader I’ve ever worked with. Working with Duane was, and continues to be, one of the most pleasurable professional experiences of my life. Smart, dedicated, driven, people-centric, customer obsessed"

Cory Kirkland

Director, Business Development

"His focus not just on processes and systems but also on a leader's mindset has challenged me to think about situations in a different light. Whether you are an individual contributor in sales looking to level up your game or a manager looking to lead your team more effectively, I would wholeheartedly recommend Duane"

Adrian Callaghan

Vp of Sales

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Duane for many years now. Talk about a down to earth guy that speaks the truth and can truly engage a crowd. Constantly wanting to gain feedback and bring knowledge to the table to make folks better and more collaborative."

My Guarantee for YOU and your success in sales

30-Day Money back guarantee

My promise to you - I am 1,000% Confident, that if you work to apply the lessons in this course, you WILL become more successful at closing your sales demos. If you're not able to see an improvement on your demos or your teams demos within 30 days, I'm happy to get feedback on how we can make this better and refund your fee. 

***DISCLAIMER - The claims in this course and on this page are subject to YOUR effort. Improvement does NOT happen over night and take time to become effective. Any successful sales professional will tell you that it takes YEARS to get "good" at sales. 

If you all you do it:

  • Try to memorize the non-existent talk tracks
  • Take instructions out of context and use them incorrectly 
  • Re-write the poorly written copy from the decks
  • Do nothing

You will NOT get much of a result. 

Are you ready to start winning more customers and closing bigger deals?