Who am I and why should you care? Great question...

My name is Duane Dufault. I'm a college drop-out turned construction worker who made a complete shift in my life over a decade ago, so that I could be home for my kids. 

I've sold just about everything from newspapers to toilets and flooring, to printers door-to-door, SMB SaaS, mid-market, and all the way up to fortune 100 enterprise software. You name it, I've sold it, sold into it, or helped someone sell it. 

Saas Experience

I actually started my Saas selling experience in enterprise software. I transitioned from selling printers going door to door, and the methods used in that area translated very well into large business operations. 

I had to learn how to sell lower priced products and really dive into user lead onboarding journeys, mapping out buying habits, optimizing lead flows based on numerous variables. 

And guess what? I friggen love doing that. It's turned into an odd passion for me. 

Partner programs

Honestly, I stumbled into partner (much like everyone else) proframs. But, I found it to be extremely fulfilling and a much better source of business. 

Since then, I've built out multiple award winning partner programs. Either revive a stagnant program, or build it from the ground up. 

Some of the partner programs I built turned into 20-30% of the new monthly revenue, as well as be the lowest churn customer segment in the entire business. If it's not part of your business now, it will be.

Everything else

I'm a creature of habit, much like every other human on this planet, but I'm also extremely picky about where I spend my time. I wasn't getting what I wanted from what's out there, be it a podcast, a mentor, or an online course.

So, I did what any great entrepreneur has done: I created a solution for myself and hoped like hell there are others out there who'd relate! 

Turns out... They're everywhere. Join me in my ramblings and teachings, and share in the learnings!