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★ Pre-Demo Check list to ensure you'll not only come in prepared, but give you the added confidence that it takes to win

★ A Simple scoring method that let's you track progress on any metric you want to improve 

★ BONUS Tip on how to make sure every demo gets to the next stage in your sales cycle

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STOP doing sh*t that does NOT work

X  Giving the prospect a presentation instead of a conversation

X  Listening to demo's without knowing what to look for 

X  Showing up to demo's think you're prepared, when you're not

X  Guessing at what it NOT working to close more customers 

X  Slow to ZERO growth or improvement on your demo's

X  Having boring and unengaging demo's that make your prospect falling asleep

X  Sounding just like the pre-recorded demo video thats on the website

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