Ready to PROFITABLY Scale Your B2b Saas company?

You're missing key growth levers in your business 

The problem is, you just can't see them.

You don't have time to look for them while struggling just to know what "good" looks like, so if you did find them, how do you even know they're the right ones? 

My name is Duane Dufault, and I help SaaS companies just like yours find those growth levers and pull them as hard as possible

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Aaron Bolshaw

CMO, SafetyChain Software

"I was impressed with his ability to not only grow a software company’s top line, but also be consistently focused on how scale quickly becomes a factor for profitable growth."

You want to scale your Saas business but...


  • Tons of traffic to your site, but no leads coming in
  • Of the leads you do get, they get lost and don't close
  • Marketing cost is up, conversions are down
  • None of your channels are producing
  • Struggling to optimize anything
  • Been at the same lead flow forever, and feel stuck
  • You and your team feel maxed out, but can't hire or spend more to get things rolling

Sales & Revenue

  • No documented sales process to scale
  • Plenty of opportunities, but conversion is low
  • Sales demos lack structure and aren't closing
  • Deals taking too long to close, or worse, not at all
  • Low visibility into what the team is doing day to day
  • Sales activity is unfocused and inconsistent
  • Unsure where to spend your time and feeling overwhelmed

Growth Strategy

  • Know what needs to be done, but you're worried about it falling apart 
  • Or, you're unsure what to do next and running out of funds 
  • You have a great product, but people aren't buying it
  • You need to start selling, but don't want to come off as "salesly"
  • Lack the tooling to measure whats working, and unsure what to choose with the thousands of tools on the market

Hear from other  CEO / Co-Founders

Doubled Timeero's ARR

  • Increased ARR by 216% in under 12 months
  • Increased ACV by 67% 
  • Achieved Net Negative Churn
  • Launched channel partnership
  • Bootstrapped, NOT Vc Backed, without spending 6-figurres in paid ads

Launched DeckLinks

  • Built GTM with Product-led Growth
  • Optimized Founder-led Sales motion 
  • Verticalized messaging and product positioning 
  • Reduced tech stack cost and optimized RevOps for GTM data 
  • Established PMF, MMF, and launched 100% PLG Acquisition

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Founder-led Sales 101

To get out of this stage, you must first optimize and build the foundation

5 Pillars of Growth

Learn the crucial functions in your business required for scale

The Saas Sales Framework

Understand the difference stages a buyer goes through in b2b Saas

A few things I've learned I can pass on to you...

  • Product-led and Sales-led initiatives
  • GTM Strategies with 30% Conversion 
  • Sales sequences with a 100% success rate* 
  • Sales playbooks with 75% close rates
  • Increased MoM revenue over 300%
  • Increased in ACV's by 200%
  • Reduced CPL by 225% and cut CAC to a fraction 
  • Award winning channel partner programs
  • RevOps and sales data for advanced revenue analytics
  • Personally sold millions in ARR
  • And more... 
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