Sales, Leadership & GTM

  • You essentially get a Part-time CRO
  • GTM framework for PLG + Sales
  • Sales funnel optimization for b2b Saas
  • Sales management and Leadership development
  • PLG strategy implementation and management
  • Recruiting for entry level, middle and executive
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Download the Customer Funnel Worksheet

This worksheet will show you how to track the conversions through your customer funnel and measure the right KPI's to know where you need to be doing more work to growth. BONUS!! - Video Guide Included! 

Not just top line revenue

  • Holistic revenue acquisition strategy that lasts longer than it takes you or your CEO to finish that book
  • Top down customer journey audit
  • Conversions throughout the funnel
  • Sales playbook: Sales process, talk tracks, demo, CRM hygiene, etc
  • GTM Strategy, messaging, positions
  • Channels: Paid, organic, referrals, partner, etc. 
  • Unit economics: CPL, CAC, ACV, MQL>C, etc
  • Plus, everything listed in the other sections
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Not looking for the full CRO Experience?

Sales Leadership

  • Leadership framework
  • New Manager, Chasing a promotion or level up
  • Coaching philosophy
  • Managing the metrics
  • Executive Communication
  • Pattern recognition
  • Hiring top talent
  • and much more
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Channel Partnerships

  • Channel Partner Framework
  • Revenue and GTM Strategy
  • Leveraging industry partners for referrals
  • Partner types: Referral, affiliate, white label, api
  • Role types and hierarchy planning
  • Partner Referral analytics
  • And much more... 
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RevOps & CRM

  • RevOps Playbook for PLG
  • Building a foundation for scale
  • How RevOps impacts all of GTM 
  • Tool set up and optimization
  • Team Training and hiring
  • Using data to drive decisions
  • Automations, workflows, reporting, etc
  • And more...
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