The Metrics that Matter

Take your team to the next level with the Metric Manager Playbook

Once I knew what to look for and to where to find it, I could take actionI'm talking about data. I'm talking about being able to use your CRM to see the patterns on the team. To look at all the activity from a whole new perspective so you can start seeing results right away

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What to expect:

  1. The promise we are all told as aspiring managers, yet never truly shown how to create long term growth on our teams. 
  2. Two Pipelines, 1 puzzle. Breaking down the traditional sales pipeline into two separate pipelines and how to work through them
  3. Digging into the metrics that matter. Understanding leading indicators and conversion rates in the funnel
  4. Putting everything together and learning how to use this all to identify the holes in the pipelines, and what to do about them

CRM's are designed to show you results, but can we do more with it?

How are we as managers supposed to impact positive change on the team if all we do is stare at opps that are already created and revenue that’s already been closed?

What about everything before that? How do we flip the script on what we look at? How do we choose what to coach our teams on?

THIS is how we know what to focus on, when to take action, and more importantly, how we coach our teams to do this on their own. 

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Opportunity vs Activity Pipeline?

We are hounded to just increase activity. “Activity drives results,” as true as it might be, but what activity? When? And why? Has anyone really sat down and showed you how to look at the team's activities just like the opportunity pipeline?

In reality, it's within this pipeline where all the magic happens that feeds the opportunity pipeline. And in this playbook, we work on how to use the right data to drive coaching

"Whether you are an individual contributor in sales looking to level up your game or a manager looking to lead your team more effectively, I would wholeheartedly recommend Duane as a coach and mentor." - Cory Kirkland, SDR Manager


 "Duane helped my business refine its sales process and get a solid plan in place. I am very thankful for his help and highly recommend Duane to anyone/business looking to work with him!" - Steve Taylor, Owner of Ellis Taylor Marketing


"He is a fantastic growth-minded manager of his teams, data-driven when making decisions, willing to learn from others, and an incredibly strong collaborator." - Anne Bono, Owner Human Centric


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