Have you audited your GTM Funnel?

How much money are you losing because you don't know what "good" looks like?


Learn three key parts of building a profitable Go-To-Market engine:

1) Primary stages of buyers journey

2) How to measure their path through each stage

3) How to take action on each one

STOP ignoring leading indicators

and start fixing the holes in your funnel

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GTM Funnel Audit

 Revenue analytics: ARR, ACV, New MRR, etc. 

 Acquisition costs: CAC, Cost per lead, payback period, etc. 

 Conversions: QL > Opps > Customer, and just MQL > Customer.

 Calculations: Per Customer, Opp, MQL, Total to hit Rev Target. 

Do you know how much it will cost to achieve your growth target?

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