BONUS! Metric Manager Audiobook! 

As a HUGE thank you, I'm gifting you the Audiobook version of the Metric Manager Playbook! 

In todays world, we get nickle and dimed for just about everything, and I wanted to make it that much easier for you to take the next step in your career. Whether you're a new manager, have been in the role for 20 years, or an aspiring team lead, this information will elevate your sales game! 

All you need to do now, is go forward and take massive ACTION! 

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Intro and Section 1: The Problem

In this section we break down what The Metric Manager Playbook is and dive into the problem we as managers, or aspiring, managers are facing in the sales industry

2 Pipelines, 1 Puzzle

The sales pipeline is only one piece of the puzzle. In this section, I break down the traditional "opportunity pipeline" into two separate pipelines, and walk you through navigate them from a managers perspective

Metrics and Leading indicators 

Not all metrics are created equal, and some of them really don't matter. In this section, I break down what a leading indicator is and how to use it to figure out what metrics to pay attention to more. 

Time to put it all together

Indentifying the holes in your sales funnel can be challenging, even after listening this far. In this section, we put all of it into action with an example and a walk through of the different steps and stages

Key takeaways and action items 

In order to do this successfully, you MUST have a culture of communication and transparency on your team, not just the company. This section is short and sweet, with only a few from yours truly.

In case you missed it, Download the Playbook below

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